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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Bigg Boss always creates a Buzz around, and people get excited by its name only. Recently, there was an announcement done on 27th August 2020 about Bigg Boss Tamil season 4. Everyone is so excited. In this promo video, host Kamal Haasan was featured. He also mentioned about the ongoing situation and the precautions they will be going to take during this coronavirus pandemic. He also presents it with its Trademark act that the show is back right now.

Soon the voting for Bigg Boss Season 4 will be going to start, and contestants will be going to be quarantined for a month before. Individuals need to follow all the guidelines because this time Bigg Boss Season 4 will come up with all those things which will keep them safe and nothing will be there which can create any trouble. Now viewers will be able to enjoy all the latest episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 on Star Vijay television and Hotstar easily. Now the time has come for all people to get ready for both their favorite contestants around.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4

You might be thinking that what will be the procedure for Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 voting? If you have the same question, then there is nothing for you to worry about. In this article, we will be going to discuss the step-by-step procedure so that no trouble will be there for you and you can easily vote for your favorite contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4
Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 has 19 housemates inside a Bigg Boss house, And there are 16 housemates in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 So this time also Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 is expected with the same process which was happened in season 1 and 2. Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 launched on June 17 2018 at Star Vijay Television. Viewers can vote for their favorite contestant by “Bigg Boss Online Voting” process. Bigg Boss viewers need to search “Bigg Boss Vote Tamil” in Google. Vijay Television has released a promo video of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 with the Host “Kamal Haasan“. This Promo Video gets a great response from Tamil Audience.

After the big waiting, Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 3 starts with 16 contestants (17-06-2018). The first season of Tamil Bigg Boss starts on 25 June 2017 and ended on 30 September 2017 and season 2 starts on 17 June 2018 and ends on September 30, 2018. Bigg Boss is the world famous reality show, The main version of Bigg Boss is Big Brothers.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Contestants List:

Here is the list of Vijay Tv Bigg Boss Season 4 full contestants list, Totally there are 16 contestants in the Bigg Boss house.

1Rio RajIn The House
2Sanam ShettyIn The House
3RekhaIn The House
4Bala MurugadossIn The House
5Anitha SampathIn The House
6Shivani NarayananIn The House
7Jithan RameshIn The House
8Vel MuruganIn The House
9Aari ArjunanIn The House
10Som ShekarIn The House
11Gabriella CharltonIn The House
12Aranthangi NishaIn The House
13Ramya PandianIn The House
14Samyuktha ShanmughanathanIn The House
15Suresh ChakravarthyIn The House
16Aajeedh KhaliqueIn The House

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4: Step by Step producer

Bigg Boss viewers can use two methods to vote for their favorite contestant. When it comes to looking at the method through which a person will be going to vote for their favorite contestant, then two methods are available. One method is available in which they will be going to use the Hotstar app voting system, and the other is missed call voting. Both of them will be going to bring out the best, and they will be able to vote easily. The steps are given below have the following.

Step 1: Online Voting Procedure

How will a person be able to vote for their favorite contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 4?

  • Go to the Google search option and type Bigg Boss Vote or “Bigg Boss Vote Tamil” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting”.
  • The Bigg Boss Tamil nominated contestant will be displayed, Then you need to select your favorite contestant and vote for your contestant.
  • Click submit to confirm your votes, You can vote a maximum of 50 votes per day by per google account.

Step 2: Missed Call Voting Procedure

How to do the missed call voting?

When you are going for Bigg Boss Tamil 4 contestant voting through miscall all you need to do is dial the miss call number provided to each of the contestants. All you need to do is give a miss call on the mobile number mentioned below. You need to understand that per number maximum of 10 calls will be counted for a week and after it, there will be no calls considered for voting at all. Viewers will be able to vote for their favorite contestant just by giving a missed call to the number allotted to the contestant.

Step 3: Bigg Boss Tamil Hotstar Vote

How to do Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 voting online on the Hotstar app?

  1. Hotstar application is also available for all the viewers out there who want to vote for their favorite contestant. The steps for the same are as follows:
  2. At the very first user needs to download the Hotstar application from Google Play Store or App store available in their device.
  3. Now login to the account on the Hotstar app if you have no account available then go for creating it. One can register on it through the Facebook account as well.
  4. There will be a search box available on the top right search for Bigg Boss.
  5. As soon as you search for Bigg Boss, a banner will appear right in front of you mentioning about Bigg Boss Tamil season 4.
  6. Now there will be a voting option available below the Bigg boss Tamil video, and a user needs to click on the vote button to cast their vote.
  7. There will be certain images of all the nominated contestants that will appear on the screen.
  8. Now click on your favorite contestant image and split the vote.
  9. And that’s it. An individual needs to understand that they can give 50 words in a day is
    maximum. Voting closes at midnight only.

Voting through Hotstar web:

If you are looking forward to doing the voting through Hotstar web, then all you need to do is visit the Hotstar web and search for Bigg Boss Tamil season 4. Within no time a banner will get displayed and there the vote option is available to click on it. You can vote for your favorite contestant easily without any hassle.

Bigg Boss Tamil voting result:

The voting results in every season of Bigg Boss Tamil show announced during the weekend when the host Kamal Haasan conduct it and ask about the problems contestant face during the whole of the week. He listened to everything, and by going through the recorded video of the whole week, he concludes. Kamal Hasan directly announces the result, and all the Bigg Boss contestants get an idea about it immediately. The person who has received very fewer votes will be eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil vote count:

When it comes to looking at the Big Boss Tamil vote count, then in the final week of Bigg Boss, the Star Vijay television display the live vote count. For every individual contestant, there is a counting going on, and a user will be going to get an idea about it.
At the bottom of the screen, there is a window appear where the vote count appears. It has created a fan base which is just unbeatable. Every year viewers wait for the show to come live and enjoy it. They vote for their favorite contestant and at the end enjoy if they won the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Elimination Details

The Big Boss Tamil season 4 winners will be declared based on the voting process only. The contestant who will be the most obedient and most disciplined contestant in the house will be considered as the winner. But apart from discipline and obedience the individual needs to receive the highest votes. It is also important for the contestant to follow all the rules and regulations settled in Bigg Boss house. In case they are not to performing all the duties assigned to them for violating any of the rules and regulations, then there will be certain steps taken against them.

The elimination process starts from the first day of the house, and the first elimination takes place on the first weekend. The details for elimination in Bigg Boss Season 4 will be updated every week only. All those people who want to save their favorite contestants can vote for them.

Rules and regulations for Bigg Boss Tamil season 4:

  • All the 15 contestants will be going to live together in a house by isolating themselves from the world. They must be living together only.
  • The duration of the Bigg Boss Tamil show is a hundred days and to monitor the activities of all the contestants 60 cameras have been fixed in the house.
  • A contestant will be isolated from the outer world, and they are not supposed to use any device including mobile, laptop, tablet, and so on. Moreover, TV is also not available in the house. The contestants will not be able to contact their families as well.
  • In the first week, there will be no official nomination of public online voting will be done in the Bigg Boss show.
  • During the journey of a hundred days, individuals need to engage in all the tasks assigned by Big Boss. They need to complete the task of saving themselves from nominations.
  • The Bigg Boss vote Tamil online poll will be available from Monday to Friday. Viewers will be
    able to do vote for their favorite contestants in the same duration. From the registered Gmail address, viewers will be able to cast the vote maximum 50 times only.
  • The contestant who has less number of votes will be eliminated from the show.
  • The nomination process will be conducted every week, and every contestant will have the right to nominate two contestants for eviction after the nomination done by the house members and the contestant who is the maximum number of votes from the house will be going to face public voting poll.
  • In the last week three contestants will be going to face the battle of the finale and at the end when will become the winner and one will become the runner-up. The winner will be decided based on votes viewers give.

Bigg Boss Tamil winners so far:

Till yet three seasons of Bigg Boss season have been conducted and the winners of all the Seasons are:

  • Season 1: Arav
  • Season 2: Riythvika
  • Season 3: Mugen Rao

It is quite interesting to see that every year whenever there is an announcement about Bigg Boss upcoming season it creates a lot of buzz on social media. Fans get excited because it brings out a lot for them, and they have the chance to see what their favorite contestant is up to.

Usually, the contestants are decided from the industry, and they fight with each other to remain in the show. Some contestants are so disciplined and well-executed that they do not compromise with anything, but some contestants show their real face. Every year it brings out the best and people gain a lot of Fame as well.

Are you excited about the season for of Bigg Boss Tamil show?

Do let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for all the latest updates about Bigg Boss Tamil season 4. Moreover, if you have anything else to say or you want to know something more about the show then do not forget to mention in the comments section so that we can provide you with all the details easily.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4 Full Details

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Full Details 
HostKamal Haasan
ChannelStar Vijay
Start Date23th June 2019
End DateUpdating Soon
LocationChennai, India
Telecast Time9.30pm on Weekdays & 9pm on Weekends
GenreReality Show

Vijay Tv Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Promo Videos

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